Monday, February 28, 2011


This semester has been kicking me in the butt. Not that it's the classes' fault. It's my own and my recent addiction: socchat in tinychat. Been making friends in there and meeting new people and exchanging ideas. Though, it does have it's drama at times, and that's what happens when you get a huge group of strangers together and they get to know each other, but not be able to clearly read body language and can't tell if someone is a bitch/dick from the get-go. Enough about that.

I'm gonna show so sketches I've been doing in Drawing for Seqa. I've improved a lot, proportion-wise in my figure drawings.

All of these are done with a photo reference. I am not claiming ownership of the photos. Just practicing.

But, I'm getting tired of trying to draw more realistic. I want to try applying it to my own style and see if there's improvement in it.

I'm so tired. Gonna go sleep for awhile.  Until next time.