Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Long time it's been. MY BAD. Breaks are generally the least productive time for me. Normally, by the end of the semester, I'm tired of trying to figure out what to draw for class that I'm burnt out when I have the time to draw for myself. I'm just now starting to draw again, and I wish I had more time since classes start up again in a week.
  SO. Here's somethings I've drawn that won't be completed for one reason or another:

 The top one is a Bellossom Ginjinka (I can't be arsed to google how to spell it) design I'm working on. I seriously would not mind doing a cosplay of this. Though, I still have to work out the design of the dress since it's... lacking....
The second drawing is of the Grandpa from Hey! Arnold. He has a nighttime job as a dancer since they couldn't afford the upkeep of the house on what little income they got from it. He also has to pay for his wife's pills since her mind keeps deteriorating. This is the kind of shit a good friend of mine will come up with when we're on iScribble.
This isn't recent. This was done over two years ago on iScribble. I completely forgot about it until I went back to iScribble and went to my old private rooms to see what was in there.

So, again, unproductive. OH. Wait. One more thing.

I made this for a friend of mine. She wanted an Angel for her new Christmas tree so I made this for her for Christmas. I'm really happy with how it came out since I am not a sewer by any means.

I have a lot of work to do. I really want A's in class.

And with that. I bid you ADO. Until next time~!